Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Second Quarter!

  Hey. I have been a seventh grader for a full quarter. I think I really like seventh grader. Oh, this year I am called Bella, Isabella, and Izzy. So confusing. Any way I LOVE seventh grade. I think that I will enjoy the rest of the year. Talk to you later.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

What's Up?

So I am now in seventh grade and I have just read one of the best books ever for the fist month of school. It is called The Schools for Good and Evil. It's by Soman Chainani. I am excited to be in seventh grade. What did you guys do over the summer? Did you read, go on vacation, what? I would also like to know what books are your guys favorite. That would really help me through out the year. Thanks. Got to go. By.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last Few Days of School.

Sorry I have been a little busy all year. This summer I promise that I will blog more. So this year has been quit interesting. For all of you who are going into sixth grade it is not that hard. You will master your locker combo in no time. I bet in about a week you will feel like you know this school by heart. Well it is the last few days of school and tomorrow I am bringing some cookies for my whole core. My language arts and social studies teacher Mrs. Raleigh is retiring. She has been teaching for about 25 to 30 years! I bet you might have heard longer but still, wow! Well it looks like this post is done. Talk to you all in another post.


If you have any questions about middle school please ask me. Have a great summer. (H.A.G.S.)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sixth Grade 1st Quarter is Ending.

Hi. I think that middle school rocks so far. I can't believe though that this quarter is already gone! It went by fast. I love how we can walk down the halls and talk. I love that we also can chew gum in class and listen to music. Only I do not like not having swings are anything. : ( Talk to you guys an galls later.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Perfect Healthy Meal... That's Delicious

My teacher assigned me to write about My Perfect Healthy Meal.

I love to eat. I just don’t always eat healthy. So I’m going to eat healthier. Some people say that a healthy meal looks like a rainbow. Red can be cherries, strawberries, peppers, and etc. Oranges, carrots, squash, some other peppers, and etc. are orange. Yellow reminds me of corn, pineapple, and some other squash. Green reminds me of green beans, peas, snap peas, celery, broccoli, and more. I can’t think of anything for blue besides blueberries, but a teacher told me that there are blue flowers that are edible. I would like to try one. Beets and purple grapes make me think of the color purple. I think that the other people are right. It does look like a rainbow.

My new dinner plate would have at least 500 calories. My protein would be ham or turkey. I also think that there should be a fruit. I love all kinds of fruit so you could give me almost anything. But when it comes to vegetables, I don’t handle them quite well. Although I do like to eat carrots and cucumbers. My new plate would also a a grain in it. Mine would probably be a roll with a little bit of honey. I love to drink coke products, but in my healthy meal I will drink water or tea. I have learned that tea can be healthy if you only drink it every two-three days a week. Finally for my dessert, I would have Fruit salad. I love My mom’s fruit salad.
Now here are all the calories in each food. Ham = 35. Cherries = 74. Blueberries = 83. Cucumbers = 8. Carrots = 52. Roll = 84. Honey = 64. Peach tea = 80. Water = 0. Fruit salad = 60. So the total of all theses calories are 479. That’s 21 calories less that what I thought the total calories would be! That’s great. Cut back on as many calories as you can for each meal. You don’t what to eat all the calories in one meal. I got some of these healthy ideas from Choose My Plate. As you can see I am an omnivore. Now you see what my new plate for dinner would be.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

As I reflect on 5th Grade...

The Beginning
  In the beginning of the year I went a place called Cal-Wood. It was an amazing time. It helped me understand Ms. V and Mr. Moore better. I felt like I was closer to them. It also helped me understand most of the things that I was going to learn in 5th grade. It was an amazing time.
Field Trips
  Our field trips are cool. Our first one was when we went to the Nature Science Museum. Well it was kind of our first field trip. We went in groups to see our middle schools. That was fun. I learned lots of things that I didn't know before. I think that time I was actually leaning more things than I usually do when I go there.
  During the school year I have read some great books. But I think that my favorite book of all was the Carl Hiaasen books. Those books are entertaining. They really get hooked into the book. the other book I liked was The Black Pearl. I didn't really like The Thief Lord. I also don't really like The Maze Of Bones. It's a little boring. The books I read for independent reading are amazing. Sometimes the books are so great i can't hear the directions that the teachers give.
  I must admit I disliked working with groups. They never listened to me. When they did, they just asked me for help. But it was more like asking me to do their work. I think that they were just trying to avoid me. Like cut me out of the group. They also kept messing with the things that I wrote. I think that it was a great idea to work on the human body systems. To like, review what we have already learned.
Science Fair
  The Science Fair this year was amazing. I think that I chose one that was just right for me. I saw some other amazing projects that my friends worked on. We all had laughs with our projects. I think that this year was an easier time for me to tell about me project. I think that the Science Fair help was fun and helpful.
Big Idea Paint
  Idea Paint was a fabulous idea. It's like a piece of paper. The only thing that I don't like about the Idea Paint is when I have to eras my work. I think that it's cool and I can do almost anything I want on it. It's wonderful. I think that most of the class liked the Big Idea Paint. I also think that the teachers were happy to see us use the paint wisely.
Parties That We  Had
  In 5th grade we have a bunch of parties. Like when there's a birthday the birthday person gets to chose two things. # 1. The class sings to you and you got to hear Mr. Moore sing. # 2. You got to sing to your self and dance on the table. You were also being recorded. I think that both were funny. They always made me laugh. St. Patrick's day was another blast. Although Valentines day was the best. Each student was having fun.
  Finally, my second favorite part of the year was learning how to work our blogs. That was amazing. At my old school three were on blogs. Here I can type and also learn how to use a computer better and learn how to type the correct way. I think that the blogs help me better to learn.
Favorite Part Of  5th Grade
  Now that I am at the end of this post I need to tell you that the best part of the year was. It was learning all together as a class. Also meeting Mr. Moore, Ms. Vander Velde, and Mrs. Thumm. I think that this year was the best year I'v had since I started second grade. I'm so happy I came to this school.


Saving America's Wild Hoses.

To day I am reading Saving America's Wild Hoses. Here are my three directions. We had to make a vocabulary resource.
In the beginning of the story I talks about how important wild horses and owned horses were. The important wild horse in the book was the mustang. They would run to the edge of a bluff and run in between ravines.  The horses would escape there owners sometimes and live in the wild. They escaped sometimes and stallions and mares would start a family. They would make a herd once there was enough horses in a group.It also talked about how people treated the horses. In the middle of the story it talked about how they treated the horses. They would hunt and kill the horses for their meat and their fur. Near the end of the story it talked about a women named Velma Johnston and how she thought that it was wrong to kill and hunt wild horses.They hunters would shoot at the horses that were milled and skittering. She tried to get the government to stop the killers, but they wouldn't. She told them that they would remorse when all of the wild horses were gone.  So Velma told children to write a letter to the government to stop killing and hunting wild horses. Finally they stopped and the wild horses were free again.